Chiya Company

Established in 1997.
Capital: 450 milion ID
Chiya Company works in the construction and contracting sector, such as building, roads, bridges, and investments.

Main office sited in Sulaimaniya and Kirkuk
Sulaimaniya brunch:
Sulaimaniya – Chwarta st.
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Kirkuk brunch:
Kirkuk – Arafa near kirkuk stadium
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Mobile: 07701580676
Fanos:  07481110157

Main administration staff:
1. Khalid Ahmed       (Generl Director)
2. Muhammad Aziz Muhammad    (Kirkuk brunch Director)
3. Fadhil Uthman Faqi    (Engineer dep. manager)
4. Maisun Othman Muhammad    (Account manager)


Departments of our group:

A– Concrete factory: Containing 12 mobile mixers, 2 pumps and 2 central mixers.
B- Pre – fab  sismo Technology: For construction , production capacity ( 480 m2 ) per shift.
Factory area: 23000m2.
C- Engineer Department: For preparing bill of Quantities, Designing, supervising the projects.
D- Vehicles and Equipment Department: Providing heavy duty vehicles(Shovel, Excavator, Spreading machines, Generators storage tanks).
More than 10 small vehicle.
E- Legal Department: Consists of a team of lawyers which guides the company in all its legal procedures.

Some of the completed projects of the company:

1. Qandul – Chwarta pavement road (25 k.m) 1997.
2. Construction of (18) class room school (Qaladiza area) 1999.
3. Construction of (18) class room school (Sangasar town Qaladiza area) 1999.
4. Construction of (8) buildings of health centers, in 8 villages in Rania area 2000.
5. Rebuilding and renovation of (Sulaimaniya palace hotel 5 stars) 11 stories building (1999-2002)
And providing its requirements of furniture and running the hotel for one year.
6. Construction of (Zagros supermarket) building in 5 stories in Sulaimaniya city (2003-2004)
7. Construction of finance office building in (4) stories for Kirkuk Governorate in Emam Qasim sector (2007).
8. Renovation of (Zain Alabdeen) visiting site in (Dakook-Kirkuk) (2005).
9. Pavement road for (Zain Alabdeen- Dakook) road 3km (2005).
10..Construction of finance office building in 2 stories in 2500m2 in (Zammar city) Mousle area (2008).
11.Construction of finance office building in 2 stories in 1500m2 in (Bashiqa city) Mousle area (2008).
12.Construction of kindergarten building in 3750 m2 area in (Qaladiza town) (1999).
13.Providing the (Chamchamal) town sectors by the drinking water network (2010).
14.Providing the towns (Bazian, Tainal, Gopala, Tasloja, Takia) by the (5", 4") Poliathilin pipe water line (2010).
15.Renovation and maintenance of the (1200 mm) pipe main line between (Tasloja-Chamchamal Shorsh) Towns (2010).
16.Construction of (4) multipurpose halls in (Dakook, Haftaghar, Yangija, Chamchamal) 2009.
17.Construction of finance office building in 2 stories in Dakook town over 5000m2 area in 2005.
18.Construction of a public garden in (12500m2) area in Shorja sector Kirkuk (2010).
19.Construction of (6) class room school in (Panja Ali) Kirkuk (2009).
20.Construction of (3) class rooms in (Qandil School & Zhilwan School in Rahimawa) Sector Kirkuk ( 2009 ) .
21.Construction of (5) player stadium in (Dooz xormato) Town (2008).
22.Providing (15) electrical networks for the sectors (Azadi new, Rahimawa, Shorija, Panja ali, Failaq, Shwan Town, Goldara village and Dooz town) Kirkuk (2010).
23.Renovation of water station building in Bazian-Sulaimaniya in 2009.
24.Renovation and developing the main line water project between (Tasluja - Bazyan - Chamchamal) in 2009.
25.Project of (Jwan City) construction (326) housing units with all services according to (Kirkuk investment commission) in Kirkuk 2013.