Cycas Company

Date of establishment: 17/2/2009

Specialty: Agriculture, animal farming and agriculture trading

Cycas Company For providing agricultural-equipment and tools-Ltd

Date of establishment: 17/2/2009



1- Agricultural: farm products, gardening, hoop house, design and water-supply network

2-animal rearing


4-Agricultural trading

Company’s activities

1- Establishing 30 farms of hoop houses Cycas 1 (30 houses) Cycas 2 (72 houses) Cycas 3 (26 houses) for various vegetable production.

2- Establishing animal rearing farm in Tagaran. Now we work to change into broiler chicken rearing project. This project is carried out in collaboration with Hama Gharib Company.

3- Supervising trading of agricultural-equipment in collaboration with Green-House company.

4- Supervising Duzkhurmatu poultry project for edible egg production.

5- Establishing Daban poultry project in Hawler for edible egg production.

6- Supervising all Nokan gardens and green-spaces

7- Participating in all kinds of reductions related to agriculture by Kurdistan Region Government and Iraq