Dargazen Company

Date of Foundation/ 7/7/1999
Product and Service/ Construction
Cell-Phone 009647501110248
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Address: 40m Street, close to Hawleri Nmunayi School, behind Haji Jamal-Mfti mosque


Completed projects:

1-Renovation of PUK20 Center Qarachux and bath set for Maxmur
2-Renovation of Soran PUK Center
3-Building 11 shops and car park in Rawanduz
4-Building security fence in Maxmur for (Center, Committee and Social Bureau) bases
5-Building ground floor for Hawler PUK Center
6-Building a condolences ceremony hall in Sheikh Sharwan village
7-Building a hall for ceremonies in Chomsak village
8-Building a condolences ceremony hall (Baba Shekh) in Shekhan
9-Building 9 houses for martyr (Ghazi Harki)
10-Building Amedi Center in Amedi
11-Building 33 apartments (396 flats) in Shahidan village in Hawler, Grdarash
12-Building 200 houses in Shahidan village in Hawler, Grdarash- stage 2
13-Building 3 houses for the family of Martyr (Muatasam Goran) in Dalari village, Bardarash district