Current Projects

1-Chamchamal Center Renovation.
2-Project of renovating and expanding Sharazwr Center in Halabjay Taza.
3-Renovation of Bureau of Relations.
4-Building (5) Offices for well in Kalakn.
5-Project of Constructing (Precast)in Bazyan.

Reko Company:-
1-Name of Project/Ashti Hotel
Construction/ Renovation
Beginning date/ 8/12/2010
Location/ Sulaimani- Aqari
2-Name of Project/Awin City
Construction/ Building 100 houses
Beginning date/ 9/5/2011
Location/Sulaimani- Wluba

Raz company:
1-(Awen City ) Project (120) Houses.
2-Project of Constructing (Pre cast) in Bazyan