Completed Projects by our Companies

Dargazen Company:  

1-Renovation of PUK20 Center Qarachux and bath set for Maxmur

2-Renovation of Soran PUK Center

3-Building 11 shops and car park in Rawanduz

4-Building security fence in Maxmur for (Center, Committee and Social Bureau) bases

5-Building ground floor for Hawler PUK Center

6-Building a condolences ceremony hall in Sheikh Sharwan village

7-Building a hall for ceremonies in Chomsak village

8-Building a condolences ceremony hall (Baba Shekh) in Shekhan

9-Building 9 houses for martyr (Ghazi Harki)

10-Building Amedi Center in Amedi

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Raz Company: 

1-Transporting water for (Sulaimany) project with FAO

2-Transporting water for (Darstan) project with FAO

3-Transporting water for (Pebaz) with FAO

4-Constructing pedestrian road in Shexan Qt. together with Sulaimaniya Municipality.

5-Building (100) houses in Chamchamal

6-Building (60) houses in Rapareen

7-Construction of (Parky Azady) pedestrian road

8-Building 4 one-storey flats in Karezawshk,and constructing 2nd and 3rd storey and Meeting Room in the same place

9-Chamchamal Center Renovation

10-Project of renovating and expanding Sharazwr Center in Halabjay Taza

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Razga Company: 

1-Project of 104 houses of Kani Kurda

2-Project of Zrguezalla


4-Halabjai Shahid Project

5-Project of Zerinok, Nawgrdan

6-Halabjai Taza


8-Arbat-Qrga Project

9-Mriam Beg Project

10-Penjwen project

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Shkofa Company: 

1-Engraving (18) special wells

2-(50) deep wells of Sulaimany Directorate of Water which is ongoing up to date

3-Continuation on drilling deep wells in Sulaimany district necessarily


Twzhala Company: 

1-Double lane street of Airport on Bakrajo way.

2-Bowling Project on Gaqran way.

3-Bakrajo double lane street project.

4-Chamchamal project which is about concreting the quarters.

5-Jibsm Block project in Bazyan.

6-Project of (500 line) phone service center.

7-Ashaba Spi Market.

8-Construction of the new carriage way of sulaimaniyah- arbat main road and repair of the old side (11.5 km) for directorate of roads.

9-Construction and widening entrance of sulaimaniyah for the municipality of sulaimaniyah.

10-Construction of tanjaro way (2km).

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Qubad Company: 

1-(Ashty Building and Azmar Air Line Plaza) which is a number of flats to locate near Said Kaban Garden.

2-The drainage system of (Rapareen flats service).

3-Asphalt paving of a road (Shekh Ahmad Hindi –kzlar- Homerkawm).


Chiya Company: 

1-Qandul – chwarta pavement road (25 k.m) 1997.

2-Construction of (18) class room school (Qaladiza area) 1999.

3-Construction of (18) class room school (sangasar Qaladiza area) 1999.

4-Construction of (8) buildings of health canters, in 8 villages in rania area 2000.

5-Rebuilding and renovation of (Sulaimany palace hotel 5 stars) 11 stories (1999-2002) And providing its requirement of Furnitures and working the hotel for one year.

6-Construction of (zagros supermarket) building in 5 stories in sulamanaia city (2003-2004)

7-Construction of finance office building in (4) stories for Kirkuk Governorate in emam qasim secter (2007).

8-Renovation of (zain alabdeen) visiting site in (dakook-kirkuk) (2005).

9-Pavement road for (zain alabdeen- dakook) road 3km (2005).

10-Construction of finance office building in (zammar city), (bashiqa city) in Mousle area (2008).

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Reko Company: 

1- Name of project/ Drilling a well Number/ 130 deep wells Completion date/ 1999-2002 For/ FAO Location/ in (Kalar-Kfri-Sarqala-Khanaqin) area

2- Name of project/ House building Number/ 80 houses Completion date/ 2000-2001 For/ Habitat Location/ in Shorsh town-Chamchamal

3-Name of project/ Azadi Park road Building/ road-drainage-water supply-pavement) Completion date/ 2001-2003 For/ Habitat Location/ in Sulaimaniya city, Azadi Park

4- Name of project/ Asphalt Road Surfacing Building/Repair and asphalt road surfacing of road (Kele, Mawat) Completion date/ 2001-2003 For/ Habitat Location/ in Sulaimaniya Kele-Mawat road

5- Name of project/ asphalt surfacing and mixture paving Building)Goizha-Dabashan( road Completion date/ 2004 For/ Private Projects Institution Location/ Sulaimaniya, (Goizha-Dabashan) road

6- Name of project/ Service for 15 departments of Zerinok Building/ Installing service (water-drainage- electricity-pavement-road) Beginning date/ 15/3/2007 For/ Directorate of Reconstruction and Settlement Location/ Sulaimaniya, Zerinok Avenue

7- Name of project/ Renovation of (Arbat-Darbandikhan) Construction/ Surfacing Beginning date/ 15/3/2007 For/ Directorate of Reconstruction and Settlement Location/(Arbat-Darbandikhan) road

8- Name of project/asphalt road surfacing of (Darbandikhan-Kalar) road Beginning Date/8/7/2008 For/ Directorate of Protection and repair of Sulaimaniya roads Location/Sulaimaniya, (Darbandikhan-Kalar) road

9- Name of project/ curbstone and asphalt road surfacing in Tolafrosh in Khanaqin Construction/ curbstone and surfacing Beginning date/ 16/2/2010 For/ Khanaqin Municipality Location/ Tolafrosh Avenue-Khanaqin

10- Name of project/ Azmar Airline Construction/ curbstone and surfacing Beginning date/ 4/5/207 For/ Property Department Location/ Sulaimaniya

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